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by Phoebe McNelis

Kindness by Phoebe McNelis

A simple yet moving story, from a seven year old's perspective, about the kindness shown to her family when her mum was diagnosed with cancer during lockdown.

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A simple yet moving story of hope

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A conversation starter for children

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Understand a seven year old's perspective

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Helps families to talk about cancer

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 Raises funds for Charly's cancer ward

Phoebe McNelis Author

Phoebe was inspired to write the book as a response to all the acts of kindness her family received from their local community following her Mum Charly's breast cancer diagnosis during the lockdown.

Phoebe has designed the entire book herself, including the font, and the front and back covers.

About Phoebe

Phoebe McNelis loves books, and has been losing herself in the world of books and stories since a young age.


At age four she had a notebook of ideas which she thought would make good stories. Two year later, she entered a writing competition, and now she is a published author!

Phoebe lives in Wiltshire with her mum, dad, sister Annabel, Everest and Rolo their dogs and eleven chickens.

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About Phoebe
About Charly

Motivational Speaker Charly McNelis

Charly McNelis is a former Army Officer, Human Performance Coach, and now a lockdown cancer survivor and motivational speaker; the price of which so far, has resulted in no breasts, no ovaries, early onset menopause, as well as the discovery that her eleven siblings and two daughters have a fifty percent chance of inheriting the same gene.

Formerly a Captain in the Royal Signals, Charly has deployed on operations to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon leaving the Army, she founded her own Personal Training business; consulted for Be Military Fit as a Human Performance Coach; as well as being a full time mum to Phoebe and Annabel.

Despite cancer, Charly remains an action girl, consciously embracing the wonderful gift that is life, and passionate as ever about running, cycling, horse riding and dog walking.

These days, she focuses her efforts on her role as a Motivational Speaker, raising awareness for early detection and education around cancer awareness.

Find out more about Charly's motivation speaking via Linkedin, or contact her below.

Charly McNelis Motivational Speaker Cancer Military
Charly McNelis Motivational Speaker Cancer Military
Charly McNelis Motivational Speaker Cancer Military
Chemo Charly McNelis Motivational Speaker Cancer Military
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Get the book

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Each copy sold generates a donation to the breast unit at Royal United Hospital in Bath, where Charly was treated.

Why not gift a copy to your local school or hospice?

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